Belyaev Alexandr


Ogarev Mordovia State University
68 Bolshevistskaya Str., Saransk 430005, Republic of Mordovia

Doctor of medical sciences, professor

Head of the general surgery named after Professor N.I. Atyasov with courses of otorhinolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery sub-department, Ogarev Mordovia State University.

• General and regional methods of intensive care in surgery and resuscitation;
• Development of new treatment methods of complicated form of diabetic foot.

2009 – 2010 – grant of the Ministry of science and the Ministry of education of the RF. “Directed transport of chemo-medicine using corpuscular carriers and molecular vectors”
2006 – 2007 – grant of the Ministry of science and the Ministry of education of the RF: «Directed cell-associated transport of pharmaceutical preparations».
2005 – «Russian Universities» grant: «Cell-associated antibacterial therapy».
2011 – honored higher school worker of Russia
2001 – honored scientist of the Republic of Mordovia

1997 – Tyagusheva M.N. – Substantiation of bone tissue’s spongy substance as a biological micro-filter. 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2000 – Rygin E.A. – Substantiation of regional intraossseous introduction of medical solutions at complicated diabetic angiopathy of lower limbs. 14.00.27 - surgery, 14.00.16 – morbid physiology.
2000 – Keleynikov S.B. – Research of angioprotective activity of mexidol at obliterating atherosclerosis of lower limbs’ vessels. 14.00.25 pharmacology, 14.00.27 - surgery.
2000 – Atyasov I.N. – Local changes in intramedullary tissue after intraosseous stream introduction of liquids. 14.00.27 – surgery, 14.00.16 – pathologic physiology.
2000 – Shakhmachev V.I. – Dynamics of functional bowel obstruction at peritonitis and methods of correction thereof. 14.00.27 - surgery, 14.00.16 – pathologic physiology.
2000 – Rybakov A.G. – Clinical picture and morphological characteristic of neurogenic mechanisms of peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum. 14.00.27 - surgery, 14.00.16- morbid physiology.
2000 – Novikov E.I. – Substantiation of ozone and dimephosphon in complex treatment of diabetic angiopathy of lower limbs. 14.00.27- surgery, 14.00.16 – morbid physiology.
2001 – Myalin Alexander Nikolaevich «Influence of combined trauma on functional-morphological condition of thyroid gland» 14.00.16 – morbid physiology; 03.00.25 – histology, cytology, cellular biology.
2001 – Inyakin O.N. Substantiation of intra-portal infusions’ rate according to functional-morphological condition of liver 14.00.27 - surgery.
2002 – Liyaskina A.V. Functional-morphological disturbances of liver at burns against the background of hemorrhage and correction thereof by anti-hypoxic agents and oxygen air ions. 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2002 – Kechemaykin Valery Nikolaevich. Effectiveness of intra-portal infusions of emoxipine combined with ozonized saline in treatment of combined trauma. 14.00.27 – surgery.
2003 – Ivanova I.L. Metabolism disorder at combined trauma and correction thereof by aplegin in combination with mexidol and autohemotransfusions. Saransk. 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2003 – Zankina N.A. «Pathophysiological substantiation of ozone and mexidol application at diabetic retinopathy». 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2003 – Kozlov S.A. «Pathogenic basis of complex therapy of combined trauma (burn against the background of hemorrhage)» 14.00.16 – morbid physiology (dissertation to apply for the doctor of medical sciences degree).
2004 – Yakunina Yu.E. “Hemostasis disorder at burns against the background of hemorrhage and correction thereof using heparinum, aplegin and dimephosphon”. 14.00.27 – surgery
2004 – Lapshin A.E. «Correction of liver morphological-functional disturbances at extrahepatic cholestasis by ozonized saline». 14.00.27 – surgery
2004 – Ladyaev S.V. «Experimental-clinical substantiation high-flow sanation of abdominal cavity by sodium hypochlorite at general peritonitis». Anesthesiology, resuscitation 14.00.27 – surgery
2005 – Zakhvatov A.N. «Effectiveness of regional introduction of mexidol in complex treatment of complicated forms of diabetic foot ». 14.00.27 – surgery
2005 – Tumaykin V.P. «Intra-portal ozone-therapy in correction of functional condition of liver and lipoperoxidation at extrahepatic cholestasis (experimental research)», 14.00.27 - surgery.
2005 – Kashaykina E.G. «Pathogenic aspects of clinical effectiveness of ozonized saline and mexidol in complex treatment of diabetic neuropathy». 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2005 – Rodin A.N. «Hemostasis disturbance correction at regional introduction of mexidol in complex treatment of complicated form of diabetic foot». 14.00.27 – surgery
2005 – Markin O.V. «Effectiveness of intra-portal infusions of ozonized isotonic solution of sodium chloride in treatment of combined trauma (experimental research)». 14.00.27 – surgery
2006 – Tishkov S.V. «Substantiation of ozonized saline application for correction of morphological-functional liver disturbances at alcohol intoxication in the experiment».
14.00.16 pathophysiology, 14.00.15 – morbid anatomy.
2006 – Zhurov O.V. «Experimental-clinical substantiation of cell-associated antibacterial therapy application at out-of-hospital pneumonia». 14.00.16. – morbid physiology.
2006 – Kshnyaikina O.I. Substantiation of ozonizing saline application for correction of functional-morphological heart disturbances at extrahepatic cholestasis (experimental research). 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2006 – Gulin A.N. «Some pathogenic mechanisms of complicated diabetic foot forms development and correction thereof by dimephosphon, aplegin and mexidol». 14.00.16- pathophysiology , 14.00.27 - surgery.
2007 – Abroskin О.I. «Substantiation of breathing cycle’s phases inversion in patients with obesity at laparoscopic cholecystectomy» 14.00.16 – morbid physiology
2007 – Rafik Kh.A. Endogenic intoxication at acute extrahepatic cholestasis (experimental research). 4.00.27 – surgery.
2007 – Pyataev N.A. Directed cell-associated pharmacotherapy of out-of-hospital pneumonia. 14.00.16 – pathophysiolo gy and 14.00.25 – pharmacology, clinical pharmacology. (doctoral thesis)
2008 – Minaeva O.V. Optimization of the method of directed transport of erythromycin and ceftriaxone at severe out-of-hospital pneumonia. 14.00.16 – pathophysiology, 14.00.25 – pharmacology, clinical pharmacology.
2009 – Mokshina E.I. «Correction of hematopoietic and immune disturbances at acute obturative cholestasis» 14.00.27 – surgery and 14.00.16 – morbid physiology.
2009 – Gruznov G.A. «Regional cell-associated antibacterial therapy at purulo-necrotic complication of diabetic foot. 14.00.27 – surgery and 14.00.25 – pharmacology, clinical pharmacology.
2010 – Yudin A.A. «Functional morphological kidney disorders at acute obturative cholestasis and correction thereof» 14.03.03 – morbid physiology.
2010 – Melnikova D.V. Functional and structural heart disorders and correction thereof at acute obturative cholestasis against the background of choledoch decompression (experimental research) 14.00.17 – surgery
2011 – Mokhsen Ya.S. Pathogenic mechanisms of endotoxicosis and immune disturbances at polypous rhinosinusitis and correction possibilities thereof. 14.03.03 – morbid physiology
2012 – Kostin S.V. «Correction of functional and structural disturbances of pancreas at acute obturativa cholestasis» 14.01.17 – surgery.
2013 – Pavelkin A.G. «Regional thrombolytic therapy at purulo-necrotic complications of diabetic foot». 14.01.07. – surgery.
2013 – Alagulov А.А. «Optimization of surgical treatment of varicosity of lower limbs using endovasal electrocoagulation» 14.01.17 - surgery.
2014 – Khvostunov S.I. «Correction of portal systemic encephalopathy at obturative cholestasis». 14.01.07. – surgery.

The Russian Association of Surgeons named after N.I. Pirogov
Member of the General Surgeons Association of the Russian Federation

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